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When it comes to creating engaging content, you need to make sure that you’re creating content that people want to see, that it’s valuable and beneficial to the person receiving it.

Here are a few golden rules to follow:

Originality Always Wins – Constantly thinking about how to make your content better than what’s already out there in the big technological universe is how you get people engaged and KEEP them engaged. Make sure to always take notes when an idea comes into your head, no matter where you are. On the train, on the bus, wherever you may be – write it down!

Be The Best – Focus your energy and efforts on creating the best pieces of content. Even if there is already stuff out there that is similar to yours, add a splash of flair that is uniquely yours – that is how you make a piece of content go from good to great.

Get Expert Insights – Getting insights from authoritative figures that are experts in their fields can push people to find the content more trustworthy and believable. And that is true even if you ask yourself for example – are you more likely to believe a medical statistic coming from a general blogger or a doctor? It’s normal for us to believe people who know what they’re talking about so make sure to get in some expert insights where appropriate.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Word Count – Creating valuable content doesn’t mean creating longer content. In fact, take a look at our post on How Long A Blog Post Should Be? And you’ll realise that it’s not about length at all. It’s about finding ways to add value. Sometimes you can add more value in 5 lines than you can in 5 pages so keep that in mind.

Natural Content Is The Way To Go – This means 2 things –

  1. Writing natural content that covers a topic well – you’ll realise that you include all the right keywords just by covering a topic in depth.
  2.  Writing naturally in a conversational tone, take this post for example. Wasn’t it easy if not easier to read? It’s because it’s in a conversational tone, there’s no difficult jargon or format that would confuse you. 


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