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There is no right answer to this question but the shorter the better!

What are the most common challenges when writing a blog?

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of Focus. 
  3. Issues With Content Quality And Frequency. 
  4. Fear of Publishing / Perfectionism.

Great thing is that people do not have the time to read a long blog. What they want is quick content that will help them solve a problem or make their life better in some way. 

We recommend the following structure of a good story:  

  1. Create a strong HEADLINE
  2. Propose the CHALLENGE facing a certain TARGET AUDIENCE
  3. Propose the SOLUTION to the problem 

Typical Blogs can be anywhere from 200 to 1500 words. We recommend that less is more! Integrating video with your blog can really help make it more interesting and dynamic. 


Here are some tips for writing a great blog 

Brainstorm Content Ideas

  • Take note of the most common questions your patients ask you
  • Take note of the most common issues faced by your patients
  • Look at articles from ISCP and CSP magazines for inspiration and do your own take


Brainstorm Great Titles

Here are some handy links to help you brainstorm a great Title using Blog Title Generators


Book Time in Your Diary

Stop thinking about it and Just do it! You know that blogs are great for helping you with your SEO so create space in your diary where you write content that would be really helpful and valuable for your clients. So then the next time a patient asks you about a certain pain or condition you can say “You can check out my website for that, I have a great blog on exactly that issue!”. 


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