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Before we go into detail about how to create a lead magnet for your physiotherapy business, it’s important to initially understand what a lead magnet is.

What are lead magnets?

A lead magnet is anything of value like a product, service or piece of information that is offered to your patients in exchange for their contact information. The email addresses are then used by you or your digital marketing team so that you/they can market to them in the future. This is known as “lead nurturing”. 

Why are they important?

The aim is to convert them into patients in the long run. When someone comes to your site or sees a post on social media you want to have the opportunity to get them to give you their email address. From there you are starting the journey of building trust and rapport between you and the patient early on. You can share with them your latest news, offers and new services information. 

Give us an example? 

A lead magnet is typically a downloadable piece of information that is helpful to your target audience or a piece of content such as a webinar that they would be interested in 

What do they contain?

A compelling lead magnet needs to grab your target audience’s attention, make them understand the value of your product and get them interested in starting a relationship with you. For this to happen, you need to keep two things in mind – make or create a lead magnet or offer that your audience can’t refuse, it should make them think “I HAVE to read this”. The second is to never make any empty promises, always deliver whatever promise you make. Words hold so much power and people are more likely going to believe you and build a relationship with you if they see that you’re reliable and trustworthy. 


Types of Lead Magnets

There are numerous types of lead magnets that you can create but the following are the ones that come up most often for PT practices. 

1. eBooks/Guides/Reports- eBooks are generally the most effective lead magnets and especially for the Physiotherapy sector. Ebooks and guides enable you to focus on specific ailments, patients or goals and deliver specific recommendations and solutions for patients. 

e.g. Ultimate Pregnancy Guide: Optimise Your Body for Birth

2. Cheat Sheets- Cheat sheets are like eBooks, but they can be shorter in length. It can be a series of exercises or life hacks that will help them on their road to optimal movement.

e.g. Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways to Squeeze in daily Pelvic Floor Exercises  

3. Webinars- You can do these in live or recorded formats and offer them to your clients to download. 


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