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A brand story represents who your business is and what it stands for. It sets the stage for every interaction customers have with your brand, in-store and online. Applying your branding across your business gives it a cohesive brand story. 

Research studies found that buyers looking to buy from a store online for the first time often look for a business’s mission and purpose to see if they share any values with the business (e.g., if they’re environmentally friendly). They will go to the business’ About Us page to learn more about who they’re buying from, how the business is run, where it’s being imported from etc. In the era of social consciousness, this isn’t surprising, customers want to make sure that they’re buying from brands that have a story and aren’t exploiting anyone or anything in order to run the business. Having and sharing your brand story can help buyers feel assured that your business is legitimate.

To craft a brand story, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself:

1.  What pushed me to start my business? Did something inspire you to start your business or maybe you want to solve an important issue or brain awareness to something or fulfil a customer desire or perhaps you just found a niche? Whatever it may be, talk about it, write about it and expand your story.

2.  Why does the company exist? Not every company is mission driven, but if you have core values and beliefs as a business, make sure to share them and make them known as that can push your customer to develop brand loyalty.

3.  How do we contribute to the world? Is your business environmentally friendly? Sustainable? Or maybe you contribute to the world in a completely different way. What is the story behind my business the customer should know?

Finally, find inspiration from other brands, both mission driven brands and non-mission driven brands, there is something to learn from both categories and use that knowledge to your advantage.


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