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Video marketing is a huge trend in marketing as a result of social media. It is not a fad and it can be a powerful tool for a Physiotherapy clinic to use across their marketing channels.

It’s critical for all businesses including physiotherapy practices to harness the power of video marketing. 85% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool, with 92% of marketers agreeing that it’s an important part of their strategy.

Here are a few great ways to use videos for your physiotherapy practice!

Using Video To Aid/Demonstrate Exercises
After a physiotherapy appointment when you give your clients specific exercises, there’s a chance that they’ll forget the exact exercises and may even not be doing it right and not get the benefits!

By shooting some video tutorials available on your website or social media channels, you can direct clients to the individual videos that outline their exercises and they may even watch other videos increasing your engagement.

You don’t need fancy equipment, or a fanch backdrop. You just need a reasonable quality camera capable of filming and recording sound, a tripod and yourself!

You can edit videos using their party software like Lightroom or Movavi and videos will be short so editing won’t be too challenging. Remember that your clients just want to know who to do their exercises well, they’re not looking for any fancy!

How To Videos
You can also create other videos like: How to Use a Resistance Band, Quick Warm-Ups and Warm-Downs for Runners or Stretches To Do Before Exercise!

Not only will you existing patients benefit from this but potential patients could also find your videos and get them interested in you and your brand and push them further the sales funnel!

Live Video
Social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram offer an option to go live on your account and this is a great way to connect with and engage your audience. You can have specific live videos like for Q&A’s or you can do a live video speaking about you, your services and introducing your team!

Live videos have a more personal touch than just videos as it gives you the opportunity to speak to your audience in real time and answer any questions they may have. It may also give you some insight on what people think about your brand or what you could do better!


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