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You may have been operating a practice for some time now, your weeks are close to, if not, full every week with most of the following week filled up too at any given time. How can you drive the profile of your practice on that little bit more to ensure a second physio hire wouldn’t go to waste? Check our 3 tips below!

Get Active Online

It occurs so often that physiotherapy practices have little to no online presence apart from their website. If you can put aside 20-30 minutes each week to schedule out a few informative posts to put on Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ll notice the difference in a few weeks.

At the start it can be as simple as letting people know you’re there and are willing to take appointments, or that you treat X, Y and Z. You likely already have a strong client-base in the locality, if you can broaden that even a little bit, the increase in your bookings will justify bringing a second physio on board!

Paid Advertising

If you’re anticipating expansion, it could be a great idea to start putting some money aside each month into a dedicated marketing budget. If you’re unfamiliar with the methods available you can talk to a 3rd party, but the biggest bang for your buck will likely come from digital ads on Facebook/Instagram or Google Search.

This carries out the same role as general posting on socials, but it somewhat guarantees good numbers of relevant viewership (assuming your ad is targeted properly, and your budget is suitable too). The beauty of digital ads is you can spend as little or as much as you want, plans start from €5 per week.

Using your Website for Business, as well as Information

If you don’t have a website and are still already at a point where you’re looking to expand, then getting one is likely to tip you over to the point of needing more hands on deck. For those of you who do have a website, I recommend looking for the answer to these questions:

  • Is it easy to book an appointment?
  • Am I giving visitors an obvious reason why they should come to me?
  • For a first-time visitor to the website, what are they learning about me?

Ideally, the answers would be “yes”, “yes”, and “enough to make a booking”!

It’s great to ask a friend or family member to take a walk around your site and point out things that you might not notice. A client doesn’t always see things the same as the physio, so getting their opinion is very important here. Adjusting your site to the point that you’ve answered the above questions correctly should help in getting that little bump in bookings you need to justify bringing a second physio on board.

In our next article we’ll dive deeper into how to know if your site is working for you, so come back soon to hear from us again!

If you’re interested in growing your practice further, we can help! If your website is holding you back, or you want to get a better presence on socials, contact us today at