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When a patient comes to you to resolve an issue they are having with their body you will advise them a treatment which will generally involve a series of exercises that they need to do before you see them the next time.

When they come back to you for their next appointment there are a number of different scenarios that present themselves: 

  1. They have diligently followed your treatment plan and done the exercises regularly in between appointments 
  2. They have intermittently done the exercises, are apologetic and kind of know that they probably have not done enough to get the change they desire
  3. They went great guns at the start for the first couple of days but have not done anything since. They know they will not have much change but still hold the flame of hope in their hearts! 

You will typically then advise them that it was not the hare that won the race and those patients who just simply do the exercises regularly are the ones that will see the greatest impact over time. 

Marketing is no different. The business who commits to small and regular action is most likely to succeed in seeing results for their marketing. 

So, pick a couple of “exercises” that you are going to do to market your business. Do them regularly and over time you will start reaping the benefit of your efforts! 



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