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Put Your Specialties Front and Centre

Accountancy firms can range from very broad to very niche. One way of ensuring the people spending time on your site are qualified is by displaying your services and specialties front and centre on your home page. The benefits are two-fold, this will filter out non-qualified clients, saving time responding to contact requests asking for a service you don’t provide, while allowing the rest of your site to delve into your specialties more acutely, safe in the knowledge that that’s what your visitors are there for.

A Booking Feature for New/Prospective Clients

Whether it’s by embedding your Calendly account or using in-house tools for online meetings, or scheduling bookings to meet face-to-face, lowering the barrier to entry to speak to you is a big part of converting more clients. You can set one day of the week aside for these calls or a little bit of time each day, either way, having this feature automated with your website cuts down on a lot of additional time in their organisation.

A Digital Invoicing/Payments System

Keeping track of invoices and payments from clients can be a job in its own right. With a few automations, your website can turn this pain point into a seamless process. With a few inputs you can have your invoices generated and sent to clients with a payment link, allowing you to spend more time on revenue-driving work rather than the administrative side of things.

We believe websites should speed up remedial tasks and reduce organisational and administrative burdens. However, we often see the opposite happening. If you’d want a website that works FOR you, let’s talk –