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Social media is growing so fast with around 3 billion people using it by 2021 so it’s vital for every business to implement social media in their marketing campaign, especially Instagram. 

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing application and service that can be accessed on mobile, desktop or on any device that has an internet connection and contributes content to pre-approved followers. The platform managed to gain popularity after being sold to Facebook and acquired over 800 million monthly users by the year 2017 and 500 million people using it everyday and it’s only going to get bigger!

Here are some tips to leverage instagram for physiotherapy practices!

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

This may seem obvious but it’s a vital part of being successful and recognised on Instagram.

Be sure you include:

Name: The name of your physiotherapy practice.

Username: Your Instagram ID

Profile Image: Use your practice’s logo or even an image of yourself to make it seem more personal

Website: Make sure to add a link to your website. Consider using a shortened link in this section that includes UTM parameters to help identify site traffic that was generated from your Instagram bio.

Bio: This is your opportunity to identify your unique selling points.

Category: Be sure to set the proper category for your clinic which is likely healthcare.

Be Consistent With Your Posts

The best way to build your following on instagram to be consistent with your effort in terms of posting. This is when a content calendar comes in handy! Check out our blog post about content calendars here. Content calendars are a great way to plan when and what you’re going to post and come up with ideas on what you’ll post next! And the best thing is you can always keep editing it to find your sweet spot.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to appeal to your ideal consumer by using the relevant hashtags! Instagrammers use hashtags to discover and engage with new content. Hashtags are how you grow your audience and build awareness for your clinic. Be relevant with your use of hashtags, use between 10 and 15 (but also don’t overdo it!) hashtags per post.

Engage with your followers

Instagram is an engaging platform. Your commenters are your best bet for building your audience as people who see a brand communicating with commenters are more likely to see it as legitimate and increase brand awareness.

Post Great Content

At the end of the day, you won’t increase your following if you’re not posting great and informative content that gives your followers and potential followers some sort of value! Make sure to utilize visuals, from infographics to stories, they’re all a great way to tell compelling stories. A strong visual can go a long way, this can be anything from tips to videos, you want the post to be interesting enough for your followers to like, comment or give you a follow so keep that in mind!