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Your website is the virtual shopfront of your business. You want to make sure that it is easy to find and beautiful once you open the front door! 

You want to make sure that when someone comes to your website that you get them to: 

  • Feel inspired with confidence 
  • Book an appointment
  • Make a query
  • Give you their email address
  • Connect with you on social media 

Your practice website design is important as an effective website can introduce your clinic to new patients and the right content can convert those into booked consultations.  You want to continuously improve your website so that it feels fresh and inviting. Just as you clean the practice at the end of each day you want to keep your website neat and tidy so the patient ALWAYS has a pleasant experience of your practice online. 

Here are some of the key ingredients to a good physiotherapy website: 

Look and Feel: Decide overall what you want the look and feel of the website to be. What impression do you want the customer to have when they go on to your website?

Navigation: Make it easy to navigate with logical flow of information. Keep the number of headings in your menu to a minimum

Contact Details: The two most important pieces of information that you have to have on your website is WHERE you are and HOW they can book you. Make this information very visible on all pages. 

Call to Action: Have a clear call to action on what you want the customer to do next. Do you want them to Book an Appointment, Download a Guide, Make a Query etc. 

Rich but Snappy Information: Provide rich information when people come to your site but it does not need to be technical or long. People want to quickly identify their problem and be told how you can help them solve that problem. 

Optimise for Search: You want your website for search so make sure to include the Key Search Words in the text, headings, pictures and urls on your website. 

Social Proof: Use Testimonials to showcase what others say about you. Use video if you can and if not written testimonials from happy clients. 

Integrate Your Marketing Channels: Include links to your social media channels on your site that are easy to find so you can engage with them off your website 

Measure Results: Install Google Analytics so that you can measure the traffic to your website and make changes to improve engagement. 

Learn How to Edit: Make sure to get your designed to create the website for you on WordPress. It is the easiest one to learn how to edit. Spend the time to learn how to edit your website so that you can keep it up to date yourself. 


Led by Marketing expert, Muireann Fitzmaurice, is a digital and social media agency that create branded social media content for professional practice owners. It is a subscription service that provides physiotherapy-based content to the practice owner on a monthly basis that can be used on all social media channels. Saving you time and headspace each month to concentrate on other areas of the business. We also design beautiful websites for Physiotherapy Practice owners. 

If you need help with your developing the total marketing strategy for your business, we have packages available.