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By definition, an email list is a collection of emails that you have received through your blog or website. It’s a collection of email addresses used by an individual or an organization to send marketing material to multiple recipients.

It’s great for sending out newsletters, latest offers and making people aware of your brand.

There are many ways to build your email list, here’s some of them:

  • Create a signup form on your website. When people visit your website and like what they see, they’re more likely to know what’s going on with you. Create a form for newsletter signups and install some software to collect customer data like a pop-up.
  • Use a signup sheet. Whether it’s in the practice itself or at an event, provide a place for your clients and people who are interested in you to sign up and learn more.
  • Drive sign ups through social media. If you’ve got an engaged social media following, tap into it and share your sign up form on social media!
  • Offer an Incentive. This is the easiest way to build your email list. There are many ways you can do this. Some businesses prefer to give something away for free while others simply offer a newsletter for example.

Some common ways to entice people to sign up include:

  • email series
  • free downloads such as lead magnets and guides
  • free white papers or eBooks
  • updates, like new releases and product updates


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