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Physiotherapy clients are inherently broad. As a physio you treat anyone who comes through your door; man or woman, young or old.

If you have a preference or area of injury that you excel in treating, this may spread by word of mouth over time but the day-to-day is still largely varied. Perhaps it is time to think about focusing your marketing efforts on focusing on attracting the clients you love to treat.

Here are some ways to do this: 

Your Branding

The most obvious way to show your interest in a particular area of physiotherapy is to add a relevant word to your brand name or subtitle on your shop front. “Fitzmaurice Sports Physiotherapy” clearly indicates a proficiency in sports-related physiotherapy. Likewise, adding a subtitle on your shop front that reads “Fitzmaurice Physiotherapy – Paediatric Care” displays a clear specialism in physiotherapy for children.

Your Practice

The interior of your practice says a lot about the type of service you offer. If you want to attract a sporting clientele, having weights and gym equipment to run through exercises will interest them. If you’re looking to provide elderly care, a bias towards manual therapy and, for example, handrails may be more fitting for that type of client.

Your Distribution

Where you post material about your services is an obvious indicator of who you want to attract, and this is totally in your control. Posting on social media about exercises to help with explosive power generation will receive engagement from a younger sporting audience, whereas having an ad in the weekly newspaper will likely be seen by an older audience.

The range of distribution channels available to you are virtually limitless, so picking a few that will reach the audience you’re looking for and sticking with it for a period of a few months will yield the best results.

A slow approach in changing the look and feel of your practice is advised, a fast re-brand may get to what you want sooner, but it can interrupt bookings from general clients before your preferred audience bookings pick up the slack, something to bear in mind!

If you’re interested in growing your practice further, we can help! If your website is holding you back, or you want to get a better presence on socials, contact us today at