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The short answer to this is no, and to go a step further, the more information you provide the better! This seems a little counterintuitive though so let’s talk through some of the reasons for this below.

A Diamond in the Rough

The internet is full of unhelpful and unproven exercise videos promising miracles. Videos that help with a given issue come few and far between, so a good one sticks out in people’s memory!

Let’s say you post a video explaining how to perform an exercise to increase shoulder mobility. This video is seen by someone with mild mobility issues and they take the advice on board and incorporate the exercise into their routine. If your video helps them, you’ve just earned yourself a future patient should anything else crop up for them. Your social media is an opportunity to help people, so when they have difficulty with something else you’re the first physiotherapist that comes to mind.

Become an Authority in your Area of Expertise

The content on your social profiles provide a lot of validation for prospective patients too. If, in their search for a suitable physiotherapist, they see your previous content, and maybe even get some relief by following along for a couple of days, they will trust what you have to say before getting to your practice.

Not only does this help with bookings, but you will have more receptive patients that follow your guidance very closely. This lessens the job of convincing them to trust you in-clinic and give them the best possible course of rehabilitation.

A Wider Pool of Patients

Possibly the most obvious benefit of sharing more on your socials is the following you’re likely to grow over time. With this expanded audience come other opportunities too – your public expertise allows you to increase your prices, your time slots may start filling up two and three weeks in advance, some health brands may even want you to review their products publicly.

The biggest fear of sharing content is that people will get what they need for free and leave it at that, but in practice that isn’t the case. When it comes to social content, more is more!

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