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Making social content is a sticking point for a lot of physios and practice owners, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Every day, physios impart valuable knowledge on health and physical wellbeing to their patients yet can sometimes run dry when it comes to doing the same for social media.

So we created 3 ideas to make this easier for physios!


Record exercises to post on socials

If you already record exercises to send to patients, this will be super easy! If not, all you’ll have to do is rest your phone or other camera on a tripod or otherwise, pick a problem area (hips, back, shoulder, hamstring etc…) and record yourself doing a few repetitions of a strength or mobility exercise addressing that area. Once recorded, you can post it on your socials and provide a brief description of the exercise, what body parts are working, recommended sets/reps and what issues it can help with!

The beauty here is that there’s a virtually endless number of exercises you can do here with variations to mix it up. They can be as simple as sit to stand’s, or as complex as you like.


Take pictures of the rehabilitation exercises/plans you give to patients

A picture of a treatment plan/exercise regime is content gold! This is a great way to maximise your social content without dedicating time directly to creating the content specifically for socials. A common thought is that this can hamper bookings because potential clients can use the free content you post online to treat themselves, but in fact, the opposite is true.

Physiotherapy is highly specialised, if people see you posting high-quality programmes and exercise prescriptions, they’ll be more likely to book with you if they get injured.


Use the DigitalPractice social template service

It would be remiss of me not to mention our own service addressing the issue of social content for physiotherapy practice owners. For a once-off price we will deliver 100+ social post templates with captions included already approved by a Chartered Physiotherapist. This gives you editable templates on physical injuries, conditions, calls to action, age-related ailments and info on what a physiotherapist can do to educate your followers too. Add your brand colours and logo and you’re good to go in a matter of minutes!

For a price of €450 we can do the custom branding for your practice for you either, taking the whole issue of content creation out of your hands yet still have a strong brand and online presence.

If you’re interested in growing your practice further, we can help! If your website is holding you back, or you want to get a better presence on socials, contact us today at