Monthly Social Media Content Bundles for Your Physio Practice

Are you struggling to produce on socials? It’s easy to get stuck servicing your current clients and miss out on opportunities to draw more in. We take the hassle of social content and trying to stay visible by creating the content for you!

Buy Your Social Media Bundle

Each month you will receive READY TO USE social media posts branded with YOUR practice logos and colours.

Stop feeling guilty about not posting on social. Free up time to do other things in your practice. Let us give you high quality physiotherapy content that will make your social media feed look great and increase visibility of your brand on social channels.

Our posts are designed by social media specialists with technical physio insight and input from Chartered Physiotherapist experts.


Don’t worry about creating content ever again

With our monthly bundles you’ll receive a blend of exercise suggestions, physical ailment explainers, calls to action and more, all with a narrative that follows current events and lines up with the newest findings in rehab and physiotherapist practices.

Working with us will guarantee a consistent presence on your social media channels – increasing visibility and generating more conversions and engagement from your posts.

From our research in the industry, the vast majority of physios have no online social presence, or are inactive. Taking action to start or revive your social pages will give you a huge leg-up on the competition, we just provide a very simple and straightforward way to do so.

Why Choose Us?

Specific to Physiotherapy

We pride ourselves on the quality and relevance of our content. As digital partners of the ISCP we wouldn't accept anything less.

Informed by the Best

The information contained in our posts are reviewed and approved by ISCP members, ensuring accuracy of information and concise copy-writing.

Custom Branding

When you work with us, the content you receive will be tuned to match your brand colours and logo, keeping your practice to the fore in the minds of potential clients.

Sleek Design

Our experts are digital natives and stay current with design trends to provide you with content that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

What will you get?

Physio Advice


Receive multi-page posts that go in-depth on certain areas and topics, backed by research and confirmed by chartered physiotherapists.



Engage your followers with strong calls to action to your website or booking system.

Physio Treatment


Inform your clients on their own bodies and common ailments or niggles they may experiencein their day-to-day lives, help your followers.



Draw people's attention to a typical physio-related question and answer it clearly in the caption of your post.

Plans and Pricing

Simple Subscription, No contracts

€97 /month

What do I get?

  • 20 quality physio-related posts
  • Branded content
  • Original material
  • Expert captions/copy

It’s as simple as 1 2 3


Register your interest now to guarantee your place when our service launches in November 2021, and receive an early bird bonus of a set of Instagram highlights templates. As part of the registration we ask for your brand colours and logo so we can send you 4 sample posts with your very own colours and logo!

Our offer is simple, a bundle of 15 posts branded for your practice every month, direct to your inbox.

Post your content at your own discretion, and rest easy knowing your socials are working for you, not the other way around.

Your Digital Guides

DigitalPractice was founded by experienced marketing experts and Muireann Fitzmaurice and Karl O’Brien with the goal of helping practice owners take advantage of digital tools to drive more clients and more business.

DigitalPractice are digital partners to the ISCP. We have a proven track record of providing great content to the physio sector in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is creating the posts?

We have a team of social media experts who are skilled at creating high quality and relevant content for physiotherapy sector.

Who owns the content copyright?

We own the copyright for the content and you have permission to use it as a customer of our subscription service. 

Can my competitor use your services?

We operate a 5km radius protection for all of our customers. We will not provide content to another physiotherapy practice within close proximity to your practice.

What kind of posts do you create?

We create content that positions you as an expert in your field, provides valuable content for your customers and drives engagement and traffic towards your website. We create original content.

Do you write blog articles too...

Yes, upon request we can provide you will blog articles for your site based on keyword research. Articles are SEO optimised and created by a physiotherapist and adapted for your practice. We provide royalty-free images to go with the articles.

How can I pause or cancel my plan if needed...

If you want to cancel or pause the service you can send us an email or enquiry via the website. Before signing up, you will just need to acknowledge an agree to our Terms of Service and 30-day notice period to cancel. This is to ensure that we can deliver any outstanding work in final version and do a smooth handover of your accounts.

Where do you source images used in my design...

We use photos or images from high quality stock photography websites like unsplash, pexels, freepik and pixabay

Benefits of registering now:

  • Get 4 sample posts with YOUR logo and colours
  • Guarantee your spot early
  • Receive free Instagram highlights templates
  • Our content does not repeat, don’t miss a bundle!

Need some more context?


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