We are delighted collaborate with CPD Board to bring you Marketing Sessions that will help you grow your business.

We hope you enjoy the below talks from our founder Muireann Fitzmaurice on SEO.

They are full of practical steps you can take today in your practice.

The Trading Online Voucher is funding that is available to business owners to improve their websites and boost their online presence. The voucher is to the maximum value of €2,500. The Local Enterprise Office offer 90% funding meaning that you can invest €250 in developing a new website and if you are approved for the voucher, the LEO will pay €2,500 or the the approved value of the voucher. This 90% funding will drop to 50% funding after 31st December. The above talk outlines (a) Information about the funding (eligibility, scoring criteria etc.) (b) How to fill in the form and (c) How we can help

The above talk outlines how to create a Marketing Strategy for your firm

The above talk outlines how to improve the search ranking on Google and other search engines.