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Word of mouth is difficult to quantify, and usually only improves as an aggregate of several other factors, luck for you, we have them for you right here!

Keep your old clients engaged

Maintaining contact with your existing client base ensures you stay front-of-mind should any niggle or injury crop up for them. The most effective way to do this? Email marketing! If managing appointments online this is a simple automated feature; collect their emails when they book an appointment and offer them to opt-in to hear more from you about promotions or a newsletter. You can contact them ad-hoc as things you think are worth sharing present themselves, or you can commit to a weekly or monthly newsletter to provide regular helpful tidbits of information to your clients.

Engage your current clients

Get your current clients signed up to your email and social channels so you can keep them up to date with what you are doing with the practice. You can do this yourself, through the receptionist and by putting the information up around the practice inviting them to follow, like and share content.

Excite and delight

People love surprises, and it doesn’t take a lot to give someone a standout memory with a little surprise during their time with you. Whether it’s offering a free muffin or treat, or randomly giving a substantial discount, such actions go above and beyond the expected service and are the source of fantastic customer reviews and word of mouth positivity! Is there anyone whose day you can brighten up in your work this week?

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