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Testimonials and reviews are often overlooked for their business-generating ability in physiotherapy. A staggering number of bookings come through word of mouth and referrals in Ireland, having reviews and testimonials on your site and/or available to be seen elsewhere online gives potential clients the effect of a friend recommending you, without needing that interaction to take place.

So how do you get them?


Incorporate it into your payment/post-treatment process in-clinic

After an appointment is the perfect time to bring it up, particularly if it was a good experience where the client got a lot of value from it. There’s usually a minute or two of downtime while payment and re-scheduling takes place, so you can ask them directly to leave a review on Google, or take the conveniently placed pen and paper to write a testimonial to include on your site!


Offer a discount for clients who give your practice a Google review

This aligns the client’s interest and your own. For a small discount (5/10% or so) you can incentivise reviews and testimonials for your practice. This can also take place post-appointment, but it’s something you can have known to the client beforehand on your website too, partly acting as a marketing tool for clients eager to take advantage of the discount.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a discount either in exchange for the review, you can get creative with it, the main point is to have some incentive for leaving a review.


Directly calling past patients after successful long treatments

Sometimes the best way is to be direct. If you managed a long-term recovery or treatment (even if it’s still ongoing) like a torn ACL, arthritis or other, it’s a great opportunity to get a testimonial. Long term treatments carry more weight than an issue only lasting a week or two, and if it was a successful treatment after it all, the patient would be more than happy to oblige and share their experience with you. So pick up the phone and just ask!

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